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Trading recommendations (signals) for Altcoin and Bitcoin in the short and medium term + investment ideas with a profit margin of 100%

Already more than 340 people in the private community.

What do you get?
Trading recommendations (signals) and market analytics that make a profit on your account.

More details below:
  1. 1
    Trading Advice for Spot (No Leverage) Altcoin Trading Binance / Other Exchanges
  2. 2
    Investment Recommendations and Trade Ideas for Altcoins
  3. 3
    Market and business analytics
  4. 4
    Reports on conducted and conducted deals

Study carefully and make a decision or close this page if you don't need it.


1. You get understandable information that you can immediately apply and convert to $.

2. You don't need to follow the market and look for entries, you just open trades based on signals and wait for a profit.

3. You don't spend more than an hour a day on trading.  

4. You get altcoin investment deals that give you 100% profit (there were 5 in the last month).

5. You are communicating in a private chat with a private community and with me.

6. You make a stable income in the cryptocurrency market from 15-20% per month.

7. You'll have no more market-related headaches and enjoy it.
Signal statistics
Below you will see statistics on completed altcoin transactions from 2020 to 2022.

Detailed statistics in the table

In two years of working on altcoins:

330 recommendations
Profitable 224
unprofitable 67
Breakeven 32
The probability of a profitable signal is from 65% within a year. Within some periods is up to 81%
Total loss 701%
Total profit by targets 8141%
The total maximum profit 12563%
Profit and risk ratio 10 to 1
Number of signals per month
In different periods, the market gives different returns. I give signals only during the safest periods.
Check out the Google table with statistics on altcoin recommendations


- Exact Asset Purchase Area.
- Exact profit-taking targets.

- Exact stop-loss level (where to record loss).

- Comments on the presence of risk in each transaction: low / medium / high.
- Recommendations by amount in each transaction as % of deposit.
- Further support in the event of growth and loss.

- Associated comments, key information to make a transaction decision and recommended exchange for transaction. 

On the screen you can see an example of a trade recommendation.

Screenshots from the closed channel on altcoins

 The cost 
I made the subscription cost commensurate with the quality. More than 340 people have already subscribed to my channel.
For 1 month
Tariff trial
This is a trial option, if you decide to extend your membership to a one-year period, I will deduct the cost of payment for this package from the new payment.
As a bonus, you get:
Access to the Token Sale Manager tool (community pool for investing in various early rounds of projects)
For 3 months
Better offer
Includes all benefits of the previous tariff
1 year (sales leader)
Better offer
Includes all benefits of the previous tariffs
As a bonus, you get:
  • Personal consultations from me on your old and new positions on stock, portfolio assets.

❓ Tell me honestly, have you ever had such thoughts?

⁃ When I buy, everything always falls, and when I sell, everything goes up

⁃ I can manipulate the exchange rate and help others earn, if I buy, the market falls

⁃ The market is full of fraud and deception

⁃ The market is completely manipulated and unpredictable

⁃ No analysis is working

⁃ Nothing works for me, I want to leave the market

⁃ I hate this market

❓❓ Now answer the questions:

- Do you want to get rid of this and get a complete understanding of how price moves, how to trade and how to predict market movements?

- Do you want to dispel your negative beliefs?

- Would you like me to show you the other side of trading?

- Do you want to know something exceptional that you cannot find anywhere on your own, in simple language and in a convenient format?

I can help you with that! To do this I suggest subscribing to the Closed Channel Crypto Market Trade Advisories. 

Your outlook on the market will never be the same.

Contact me now in Telegram

I will answer within an hour and give a detailed consultation on the cryptocurrency market and its services.

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